Alternative Now

Alternative Now Symposium, WRO 2011 Media Art Biennale. With contributions from K/AST researchers, including Joasia Krysa and Geoff Cox.

10 May 2011 → 15 May 2011
Wroclaw, Poland

The theme of the 14th WRO Biennale, which starts on May 10th 2011, is ALTERNATIVE NOW, highlighting the roles of individual artistic stances and strategies that keep a deliberate distance from the institutionalized mechanisms and standardized expectations of the art world. The WRO Biennale is organized by the WRO Art Center.

K/AST researchers will be delivering papers at the Alternative Now conference, held in Pokoyhof Passage:

Joasia Krysa, PL/UK, Curatorial Alternatives to What? May 13th, 12.25

Geoff Cox, There Is No Alternative, May 11th, 11:20

K/AST researchers are also running a panel called Common Courtesy to explore emergent research with presentations by Magda Tyzlik-Carver, Phil Ellis, and Andrew Prior.