After the Net 2.0

After the Net 2.0, exhibition. Artists: Roy Ascott, Wayne Clements, Geoff Cox, Lutz Dammbeck, Jeff Gompertz & Caen Botto, Rui Guerra, Linda Hilfling, Aymeric Mansoux & Marloes de Valk, Graham Harwood, Richard Wright & Matsuko Yokokoji. Curated by Joasia Krysa, produced by LaAgencia, curatorial support by David G. Johns & Mark James.

12 September 2009 → 25 October 2009
Peninsula Arts, University of Plymouth, United Kingdom

After the Net explores the paradoxical development of the Internet. As the current Web 2.0 hype begins to wane, the exhibition reflects upon the promises of technological progress, global networking and instantaneous communication. Presented artworks draw attention to key developments: from cybernetics to free and open source software, and social networking platforms.

Reflected in the title, the exhibition makes explicit reference to the documentary film The Net by Lutz Dammbeck (2003), and has three iterations: for Valencia (2008), Plymouth (2009) and Toluca (2010). The selection of artists is updated for each venue as a new version.


  • Roy Ascott, Blackboard Notes (1967), special poster edition of 1000 produced for After the Net (2.0) by KURATOR
  • Wayne Clements, logo_wiki (2007), The Best and Worst of Possible Worlds (2009)
  • Geoff Cox (with Duncan Shingleton), antisocial notworking for Arnolfini (2008), Hello World! (2008)
  • Lutz Dammbeck, The Net: The Unabomber, LSD and the Internet (2003)
  • Jeff Gompertz & Caen Botto (Universomente), Second Public Life (2009)
  • Rui Guerra, www_hack (2008)
  • Linda Hilfling, Participation 0.0 ­— Part I (2007)
  • Aymeric Mansoux & Marloes de Valk (GOTO10), Hello process! (2008)
  • Graham Harwood, Richard Wright & Matsuko Yokokoji, Tantalum Memorial (2008)


25 September 2009, Peninsula Arts Gallery, 7.00pm

4NX performance by Aymeric Mansoux


22 October 2009, Theatre 2 Roland Levinsky Building, 6.30pm

Transiting the Net by Professor Roy Ascott