carlos katastrofsky, commissioned work for Anti-Bodies.

2009 is a windows program, communicated and spread by e-mail announcements, mailing lists and other networked (viral) press activities.

katastrofsky explains that a virus lives upon the reproduction of itself with the aim to survive as long as possible. However, the most dangerous parts of such an infection are not always the harmful cells a virus is based upon; it is the psychological concept of fear acting invisibly in the background. The project thus strips down the mechanisms of a viral infection and transfers its core principles into the digital realm. By avoiding everything a virus should do, only the virus itself will be left. This way it will become a meta-virus spreading not because it is an actual virus but because it is perceived as such.

The work is accompanied by a commissioned essay by Luis Silva, first published as part of Creating Insecurity, Autonomedia 2009 (download PDF under Documents). is commissioned by Kurator and LX 2.0 / Lisboa 20 Arte Contemporanea, as part of the Anti-Bodies programme coordinated by Relational with support from Arts Council England, granted the London 2012 Inspire mark as part of the Cultural Olympiad.