Participation 0.0 - Part I

Linda Hilfling, exhibited as part of After the Net.


Participation 0.0 — part I documents an intervention in Second Life carried out in spring 2007 where the “Terms of the Service” were being brought back into the virtual world. Second Life’s Terms of Service was broken down to quotes and published on billboards placed on different sites, private as well as public, within the world. It took 112 billboards in order to post the entire Terms of Service document. When clicking on a billboard the user would be taken to SL’s official Terms of Service web site. The billboards could be seen as a kind of temporary juridical graffiti, since after a while they were in most cases deleted by the Second Life land “owners”. The video documentation is a journey through the Terms of Service, through Second Life. It reveals a ghostlike space: empty streets, empty playgrounds, empty shopping malls and empty houses for rent — a virtual suburbia enforced by a strict regulative framework. The project Participation 0.0 was initiated as a collaboration with Kristoffer Gansing in connection with the exhibition Societe Anonyme at Le Plateau, Paris 2007 as part of tv-tv, an artist run local tv-channel from Copenhagen.