Mobility in the Art Market

c6, Dotmaster project pre-launch: Mobility in the art market, Cube3 gallery, University of Plymouth, 23 March 2007, as part of Social Hacking.


The Dotmasters present a series of curated popular fine art masterpieces for Plymouth.

With stencil art becoming hot property, it is commanding higher and higher prices, collected for investment and sold for increasing profit. With the street forgotten, the Dotmasters decided in true C6 style to generate an alternative urban structured art market. Stencils in the Dotmaster series will be accompanied by a unique sticker. This sticker will be associated with a certain location and work. When MMS’ed to the number shown each participant will be returned an id and details on how to purchase a print of it, or commission a duplicate work at a location of their choice. Print values will be dependant on participation; early viewers will get cheaper prices. The project hopes to set up geographical street markets for Dot masters works, for instance prices of works in Shoreditch may be of higher value than those in Plymouth. These market prices and locations will be updated automatically at our C6 Google map gallery, allowing you to browse places of high and low cost.

The purchase of prints will be restricted to one of each design purchased through an individuals phone and number accompanied of course by the relevant MMS’ed pictogram. Email address and subsequent payment accounts will be cross- referenced to ensure that the Dotmasters series remains in the realm of street art enthusiasts and not in the hands of dealers. Popular locations will become expensive encouraging those taking part to explore new areas and beat the market. First come, first served, and cheap!

This system is automated and will update in real-time, as you buy the market reacts and updates maps and prices for that location. Replies to sent pictograms will direct users to a web page where postal details and payment can be made. Costs will include postage and packing. MMS will be charged at the usual rates of your contract provider. Payments can be made via PayPal, cheque or postal order. Print sizes will represent actual stencil sizes.

It isn’t often that the public can commission a public work, but using the Dotmasters system you can. Simply enter the postcode of the address you wish to be adorned with a particular work and the Dotmasters will scout it out. Your chosen location will be added to the map pending objections from your wider local community. Prices vary depending on this survey, distances travelled, and risk involved.

Mobility in the art Market is launched in April 2007.