Mission Eternity

Etoy, exhibited as part of Silicon Dreams


Evoking Sepp Keiser (born 1923) in a swarm of 16 inspirited objects.The latest group of works by the art collective etoy is taking the concept of interaction between human beings and electronic devices a step further and explores afterlife, the most virtual of all realities.

TAMATAR are white spherical carriers created for the resurrection of dead MISSION ETERNITY PILOTS. The reincarnation of one human being takes place in 16 Styrofoam bodies. Styrofoam is a typical packaging material: light, cheap, shock-absorbing and, thus, ideal to protect sensitive content. The inherent fragility of the material and the ephemeral nature of its function remind us of the permanent decay of matter. The spherical shape and the neutral white color of the TAMATAR support etoy’s long term strategy to focus on software-driven social interaction instead of deviating attention to the surface of art objects.