Hello Process!

GOTO10 , exhibited as part of After the Net.


The idea behind Hello process! is to show a machine doing what it is best at — that is, deleting/copying/moving blocks of data. The bits of code used are not meant to generate beautiful videos or sounds, they are simply placed in a file and each block inside the file gets loaded and executed one after the other, for a predetermined number of iterations. Each block and program has a byte to represent itself. Each byte is sent to the printer that interprets it as a graphic character. For every iteration of the process a line of graphic is printed representing the software activity in the file. After a couple of iterations, patterns start to become visible. In addition to this, a small electro-magnetic microphone is placed on the CPU, RAM or the Hard disk to amplify the signal directly to speakers, to give another level of reading of the internal computer activity. The project demonstrates the open system paradox, as even though the machine runs free software (a white box…) the complexity of the process turns it at run-time back into a system that cannot be penetrated (…a black box again). Hello process! is part of the Metabiosis project by Aymeric Mansoux and Marloes de Valk. Metabiosis projects have been made possible with support from: the Netherlands Media Art Institute, Kunsthochshule fur Medien Koln, the Digital Research Unit, Waag Society, the Amsterdams Fonds voor de Kunst and Sign. All the Metabiosis material is licensed using GPL, GFDL or simply belongs to the public domain.